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Five Development Strategies of Water Park from HAISAN water slide company

Five Development Strategies of Water Park from HAISAN water slide company

1. Market-oriented strategy

In the era of experience economy, people-oriented, to meet the psychological needs of tourists as the ultimate goal, is the market basis for the development of water park equipment from HAISAN water slide company. As the market competition intensifies, it is necessary to constantly study market changes and innovate recreational projects to meet the market demand. Some developers began to design and manufacture water parks and water amusement facilities in the face of specific markets. They also consciously strengthened the targeting of the tourist market in terms of theme selection and project design. At the same time, at the beginning of the construction of the scenic spot, the market development and construction should be carried out simultaneously, and the publicity and promotion work should be done well, so as to enter the market smoothly and attract enough tourists.

2. Cultural Leading Strategies

Water park is a special manufacturer of cultural products in the form of tourism. Cultural influence (cultural brand) determines the derivative power of tourism products and the scale and loyalty of consumers. By introducing mature sports culture, education culture, film and television culture, animation culture and performing arts culture, it is a necessary strategy for water park to maintain its long-term vitality.

3. Strategies of Local Characteristics

Water Park relies on human resources and generally has strong regional color and personalized characteristics. Simple grafting and reproduction of the theme will encounter different degrees of acceptance. Therefore, only with local cultural personality, can it have a broad local mass base and complete the breakthrough of national brand in the field of water park.

4. Systematic Economic Strategy

According to the depth of product development, water park can be divided into four profit-making modes: tourist tickets, recreational product services, comprehensive tourism services and park commerce. Therefore, from the perspective of return on investment, on the one hand, we should adopt the principle of timely and appropriate promotion to control the appropriate scale of each development cycle when investing relevant economic factors; on the other hand, we should focus our efforts on the core projects that are expected to become local famous tourism products and bring huge social and economic benefits, improve regional infrastructure conditions and environmental quality, and optimize investment. Capital structure to ensure the maximization of overall interests.

5. Resource Integration Strategy

The industrial chain of water park emphasizes the benign interaction of many industries, such as theme tourism, leisure and entertainment, cultural exhibition, residential, commercial, hotel, office and so on. Most of the enterprises operating water park in our country stay at the stage of production management. The internal resources and organization management can not keep up with the changes of external environment such as policy, economic climate, customers, competition and so on. Moreover, they do not have the ability of all industries to blossom in an all-round way. Only when the advantages of each industry are complementary and mutually reinforcing, and the interests of each sector are straightened out, can they develop comprehensively.

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