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Rapid development of indoor parent-child water park design

Rapid development of indoor parent-child water park design

For parents who are “safety first, health first”, any factor that appears “smog, high temperature or rain and snow” will cancel the outdoor water park design. With a small and medium-sized indoor park as the main scene of the shopping center, rich themes are constantly emerging. More and more shopping malls are on higher floors, setting up a variety of areas where children's retail and experience formats are concentrated. According to the survey data of the Hanbo Business Research Institute, the proportion of children's business in shopping centers is 5% in 2011 and rose to 15% in 2015. In recent years, the growth rate of children's business is still accelerating. In the center, watch exhibitions, participate in parent-child activities to make cakes, go to the roof farm to pick, skating, draw, and experience multimedia new technology...

Among the shopping malls' children's consumer brands list, the highest proportions are indoor parks, children's retail, and early childhood education. There are more than a dozen children's subdivisions in a single shopping mall. Around the consumer group, there are children's theme parks, baby swimming, parent-child restaurants, children's talents, indoor zoos, picture books workshops, art exhibitions, children. Photography and toy stores, among others, children's STEM, children's English training, sports adventure, dance art interest classes, programming courses, similar children's indoor parks, clothing toys retail stores and early education training centers will repeat.

At present, the main domestic indoor parks, the design content is mostly imitated or directly introduced to Japan and South Korea's theme park IP. The largest paradise chain in the country, Youyoutang, introduced IP licenses from South Korea's Pororo, Poli Car, Astro Boy, Altman and Naruto. In the past six years, it has settled in more than 100 cities across the country and has opened more than 240 stores, including 200 directly operated stores with a total operating area of 150,000 square meters. Among the shopping mall children's parks, the second largest brand is AEON Fantasy from Japan. It is a subsidiary of the AEON Group, a Japanese department store retailer, and the largest indoor park brand in Japan. After entering China, AEON Fantasy has followed the model in Japan for equipment, management and operation. At present, it operates two different theme park sub-brands – Molly Fantasy and Fantasy. Molly Fantasy has nearly 200 stores nationwide, 15 stores in Beijing, 9 stores in Shanghai, 5 stores in Guangzhou, 4 stores in Xi'an and 7 in Wuhan. Stores are in preparation.

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