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Water Park Operation: How to Break Seasonal Limitations

Water Park Operation: How to Break Seasonal Limitations

The aqua park itself has a big limitation, that is, seasonality. After August and September, the water park gradually enter the off-season, and the unique industry phenomenon of "half a year for operation and half a year for rest" appeared. Isn't there no water park project that can break the seasonal restrictions? What I will share with you today is another form of existence of water park: indoor water park.

When it comes to indoor water parks, you have to mention outdoor water parks. Today, the topic of "water parks breaking seasonal restrictions" will gradually reveal the answer in the comparison of the characteristics of indoor water parks and outdoor water parks.

1. Equipment selection

When building large indoor water parks and outdoor water parks, there will be differences in the selection of aqua park equipment. Indoor water parks are restricted by the building body and area. Generally, very large aqua park equipment will not be selected, otherwise the construction cost will be very high. And the area of indoor water parks is generally relatively small, while outdoor water parks are not restricted by the construction space with relatively low construction cost and large area, and large-scale water amusement facilities are generally placed.

2. Construction period

In terms of aqua park equipment, indoor water parks are subject to site restrictions. Aqua park equipment needs to be customized and the development cost will be higher. Generally, the construction period of indoor water parks of the same scale is longer than that of outdoor water parks.

3. Cost

The ticket prices of large indoor water parks are not much different from the prices of outdoor water parks that are now ubiquitous. They are acceptable to people who usually work. In comparison, they spend the same money but enjoy different services, because one may have more diversified water amusement equipment.

4. Not restricted by weather

The indoor water park will not be restricted by the weather, and you can play there easily in any weather, and enjoy your body and mind. Moreover, there are not only swimming pools indoors, but also various water park equipment, which can increase the entertainment of the water park.

5. Strong pertinence

The large indoor water park is a special water play place and an exclusive entertainment place, so it is particularly targeted. All equipment and their location, decoration, style design and other facilities meet the needs and aesthetics of customers, and the playing environment is more high-quality.

6. Different business hours

On an annual basis, the distinguishing feature of indoor water parks is that they can be open all year round, and the cost of indoor constant temperature is relatively high, so the consumer population and habits should be considered when constructing. Outdoor water parks are most open in late spring, summer, and early autumn. Many outdoor water parks can only be operated in summer because they mainly depend on the weather, unlike indoors that can adjust the temperature.

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