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Key Points of Conceptual Plan Planning for Water Park Equipment - part four

Key Points of Conceptual Plan Planning for Water Park Equipment - part four

Relevant System Planning

What are the related systems, including entertainment, performance, activities, leisure, catering, business, logistics? When we study the National Water Park Equipment market, we find a very strange phenomenon, that is, the family market in the choice of water park considerations in the first element is safety, what is the second? It's a complete set.           

Why do we choose matching? For the family market, it is not only for stimulation, but also for the happy experience of a family together. The elements that influence experience include the following:           


Entertainment experience is not only the equipment itself, but also the integration of the whole campus atmosphere. Entertainment may include all the following elements, but it also includes staff service methods, background music, the arrangement of play rhythm, the use of some social means and so on, which ultimately forms an entertainment atmosphere.           


We now have a lot of water parks that take the show off and just play with equipment. In fact, the experience of tourists is very single, and the performance is very important.           


Thematic activities are the most desirable experience for visitors to a park. In fact, the key to travel is to reflect a celebration atmosphere, so the celebration atmosphere must match with it. Water park experience if there is no performance, no activities, especially single, play for a while tourists will be tired, aesthetic fatigue, it does not feel too much interest, so there must be activities to let tourists hey.           


According to the product orientation, we should add more leisure equipment appropriately. Nowadays, the structure of traveling has changed a lot. At first, it was mainly business travel. Later, young people traveled plus business travel. Now it is family travel. The earliest family trip was a family of three, now it is a family of five. Leisure equipment is very important for family tourists, so leisure in this area should be increased.           


Food and beverage has now been mentioned to a considerable extent. Food and beverage has become an important part of tourists'travel experience, rather than a necessary complement. If attention can be paid to it, tourists' experience will be good and their income will be good. The reason why Yuanjiacun is so popular is that it has changed from eating to a leisure experience. Tourists in this park want to eat local characteristics and experience local culture, so at this time we can no longer understand catering as the original basic needs.           


Water park business has its own characteristics, we are currently in China's water park sales are mainly necessities.           


Logistics system is also related to your visitor experience and your management. For example, if garbage disposal, garbage transfer station and garbage dump are unreasonable, the problem odor will easily appear in summer climate. This odor has a very bad impact on tourists in the park. There are also lounges for tourists and staff. If the water safety administrator is too tired, his attention will go wrong. In the case of sunshine and blisters, if the attention is not focused, there may be potential safety hazards, safety problems, drowning and so on at any time. This is a lesson from experience. At least two of the cases I know are due to the fatigue of the safety administrator, and the lack of concentration leads to drowning not being detected in time. In addition to these, the design of logistics supply channel and operation mode are all related to logistics system.            

The above points are related systems. This system is connected with the product, which is the visitor's experience system. Tourist experience is bad, your operation is bad. So we can't just remember the equipment and packaging and forget about the experience system.

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