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4 Design Principles Recommended by Water Park Equipment Manufacturers

4 Design Principles Recommended by Water Park Equipment Manufacturers

Ⅰ. Planning aspects recommended by water park equipment manufacturers

1. The facility area (including the waiting area) and the leisure area should be distinguished, and the planning ratio should be appropriate.

2. The tsunami pools for water amusement park equipment need to be located in the center of the water park (according to the actual plot).

3. The children's pool should be provided with enough leisure space for the elderly and women who are inconvenient to enter the water.

4. Large and high water park equipment should be set deep in the park to attract tourists.

5. Equipment with good viewing effects should be installed on the periphery of the park to attract tourists outside the park.

6. Concealed treatment should be considered in the water treatment room.

Ⅱ. Landscape design recommended by water park equipment manufacturers

1. The water amusement park equipment are set at the commanding heights of the scenic area, dominating the entire park, and at the same time allow tourists to experience the fun of climbing high and looking into the distance and seeing the panoramic view of the scenic area.

2. The lazy river products are an indispensable element of the water park. When designing, pay attention to the atmosphere creation, the water quality must be clear, the river setting must be round and reasonable, the wave-making equipment should be used well, and the flow rate of the water must be controlled at the same time. Interactive water cannons and other facilities.

3. When configuring plants, try to choose non-thorn, non-toxic, non-deciduous plants, and reduce plant permeability.

4. Equipped with a suitable amount of water mist and shading facilities.

5. Foot disinfection facilities are required before entering the park and the pool.

6. Set up temporary storage facilities reasonably.

Ⅲ Construction design recommended by water park equipment manufacturers

1. The architectural design of water amusement facilities is large, and the theme style needs to be fully considered.

2. Service buildings such as retail departments and restaurants need to increase the exterior space and increase sunshade facilities.

3. The toilet needs to consider the needs of the disabled and pregnant women, and add a third toilet.

Ⅳ. Safety and service aspects recommended by water park equipment manufacturers

1. The summer is the peak period of tourists, and accidents are prone to occur. Therefore, the rescue channel is an important factor that must be considered when designing water amusement facilities. In a certain range, an infirmary and emergency external defibrillators need to be added.

2. The shower room necessary for the water park can be open, and there is no need to set up doors or curtains, which can save space and scenic resources during the peak period of tourists.

3. You can set up a few more food purchase points, which are widely distributed and convenient for tourists to purchase. At the same time, management issues must be taken into consideration, so as not to pollute the water in the scenic area.

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