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Precautions of Using Water Slides from Haisan Water Slide Manufacturer

Precautions of Using Water Slides from Haisan Water Slide Manufacturer

Nowadays, there are more and more different kinds of water park equipment. However, do you know the matters of attention in these equipment especially the Water Slide Manufacturer? Now, let me tell you all about it.

1. The staff should check the water slide before running in order to confirm whether there is any damage inside. If so, it's required to be grinded and repaired, so that the inner surface of the slide can be smooth and the water slide equipment can continue to be used.

2. The staff needs to check if the water level of the water slide has reached the state of the designed water depth. If not, we need to take measures to adjust the falling pool below the water slide. When the water depth reaches the requirement, we can turn on the slide pump.

3. The water slide is not open to visitors during the time of testing because this must be checked by the equipment debugger until it is good enough to be open to visitors.

4. Before the operation of starting electric system, the staff need to check whether the power indicator is normal or not. And they should solve all the problems before the fault lights are opened. And the voltage indication must be within the permitted scale.

5. They still need check whether all kinds of valves in the water slides are in normal position, and if not, they should adjust them in time.

6. There are some precautions for water park slides for sale. It is necessary to slide in order first and accept the command of the relevant staff. What needs to pay special attention to is that the visitors must not loosen the handrails when the equipment starts, even change their positions is not allowed. When the slide sinks into the falling pool, the staff needs to go away immediately and must not stay at the exit of the slide. Please do not wear glasses, watches and other hardwares. Click here to see water slide manufacturers prices!

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