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What problems can easily occur in the construction of water park?

What problems can easily occur in the construction of water park?

What problems can easily occur in the construction of water park?

 In the water park equipment, the technology of the indoor swimming pool equipment is simple and mature, so it is often overlooked by the design. Although many domestic indoor swimming pools use advanced imported equipment, they ignore the details and make the use effect not ideal.
General water park equipment construction units are prone to the following problems:

One. Indoor ventilation
Indoor swimming pools generally need to be heated except in summer. After the pool water is heated, water vapor will be continuously generated. Poor water will form condensed water, which will cause the indoor temperature to be too high. In summer, the sun shining through the roof will make the indoor Sultry. The above two situations will give people a sense of depression. For example, indoor swimming pools do not have exhaust facilities, air conditioning and air supply are also used in other areas. If the ventilation requirements are not met, condensation on the roof will occur, and it will be like rain in severe cases. The metal grid paint is discolored and locally rusted; the wood decoration will be deformed and rotted by moisture; the plastic coating of the aluminum alloy ceiling will peel off and become full of mold spots.
The solution is:
1. Install a mechanical exhaust device, but the fan should be low-noise and the air volume should not be too large. It may be considered to be always on during operation.
2. Use air conditioning to supply air: Swimming pool air conditioners should be set separately to avoid affecting other areas. Air conditioning is mainly used to send fresh air.
3. Control the water temperature of the pool water: It is best not to exceed 30 ° C. In the winter, use hot air conditioning to increase the warmth of the room. In addition, since guests are generally concentrated in the afternoon and evening, continuous heating is not required.

Two. Pipeline material selection
There are many pipes in swimming pools, which should be treated differently. There are currently two types of ideal pipes. One is a thin-wall copper pipe. This kind of pipe is reliable in welding. The inner wall of the water quality stable pipe is not easy to scale, but the cost is high. The other is UPVC pipe. Socket bonding has the advantages of light weight and convenient construction, but the disadvantage is that the interface is not temperature resistant. The heating system should have a reliable temperature control device. For example, if copper pipes are used for the circulation filtration system with high water pressure, UPVC pipes are more suitable for the rest. If the pool is on the floor, it is safer to use metal pipes. The UPVC pipe must be firmly supported; otherwise, it will vibrate under pressure.

Three. Decorative materials
As the indoor humidity of the swimming pool is relatively high, various decorative materials should be selected carefully. Light-colored marble or glazed tiles should be used on the wall, and paint or coating should not be used. Non-slip floor tiles should be used on the ground. Granite should be avoided; aluminum plates or aluminum should be used on the ceiling. Plastic board, avoid using wood materials. Two points should be considered in the design of the roof grid: first, the grid should be convenient for future anti-corrosion treatment, and stainless steel grids can be used for high-end swimming pools; second, the grid glass should be cleanable, especially for roadside buildings, and large areas of glass are very easy to collect dust. . Stainless steel products are used for the water inlets and outlets of the underwater part, and ladders; plastic grilles are usually used for overflow gutter covers, but cleaning of such grills is very difficult.

Four. Suction at the bottom of the pool
Because the suction of the bottom slope and circulation is very limited, sedimentation of dirt is obvious for more than three days. There are many methods of cleaning the bottom of the pool: such as using a brush to move to the suction port, this method is simple, but the effect is not good, because the brush will move. Disturb the sediment; also use siphon or pump to clean the dirt. This method needs to move the suction pan in the pool, which is inconvenient to operate and the water loss in the pool is large. The use of the circulation system and the suction head to achieve the bottom of the pool is comparative Ideally, this method has the advantage of using the existing system with less additional equipment. Second, the suction cleaner, hose, and push rod are all plastic products, and the operation is very light. In addition, the bottom of the pool is effectively effective in the sand tank. Retention, the effect is good; but the design should pay attention to the following points:
1. The sewage suction port should be set on the upper part of the pool wall for connection.
2. Sewage suction openings should be evenly distributed and should not be excessive; otherwise, the suction power is insufficient; in general, the indoor pool should meet 2 sewage suction devices working at the same time. It is sufficient to arrange 4 sewage suction diagonally.
3. The sewage suction loop and the main pipeline of the pump in front of the main circulation system should be set separately and can be controlled independently. The main drainage pipe can be closed during suction; otherwise, the suction is insufficient.
 4. The hose should be soft; otherwise, it is difficult to move inside the pool, and a soft diameter of 50mm is sufficient.

Five . Water injection and venting
The side wall and bottom plate of the swimming pool are generally decorated with blue bricks. The joints of these bricks will be fouled over time, and it is difficult to remove them. They need to be regularly cleaned. There is a problem with the timing of venting and adding water. The following points should be noted:
1. The water supply should be sufficient, the water supply time should not exceed 4h, and the water supply pipe should be laid separately. When it is combined with other systems, it should be considered that the other systems should not be cut off by the pool water supply.
2. Vent should be quick: Vent the tube with as few turns as possible.
3. Swimming pool water should be drained into the sewer, and reuse should be considered.

Six . Water quality
1. City tap water can not meet the water quality standards of swimming pools and needs further treatment. Practical application shows that the treatment with alum is not ideal. First, it requires a long precipitation time; second, there is more sediment; the effect of using refined aluminum sulfate is much better.
2. It is necessary to inject a certain proportion of fresh water every day; otherwise, even if medicaments such as copper sulfate are often added, the water will still turn green after a period of time, and the wall of the pond will grow moss.
3. The full-water pool is better. The water level is controlled by a balanced water tank, and part of the surface water is often overflowed. Due to the small amount of oil on the water surface, a non-full-water pool will have a black belt on the top of the pool wall along the water surface.
4. Disinfectant should adopt mature and simple process.
5. The water treatment circulation system should ensure a certain flow; otherwise, the treatment effect is poor, dead angles are likely to occur in the pond, and the heating speed will be affected.

Seven .Sandbox
Imported sand cylinders are made of different materials, such as carbon steel, cast iron, glass steel, etc.
1. Multi-way valve should be easy to operate. Generally, the working state can be changed by pressing the handle to rotate 180 degrees.
2. The multi-way valve should be sealed reliably, that is, there should be no leakage under normal working conditions, and the quality of imported products is also different.
3. Import and export with pressure gauges to grasp the timing of backwashing.
4. There should be inspection holes in the upper part of the sand tank for maintenance and Gaza.
5. In order to facilitate maintenance of the inlet and outlet pipes, valves should be added.
6. The sand tank does not need to consider spare.
7. Sand tank backwash pressure must be guaranteed.

Eight, heating
The indoor entertainment swimming pool will not have a large capacity, and it is in an air-conditioned environment. Generally it can be maintained at about 25 ° C, so the heating amount should not be too large, and it can be set as a rapid heat exchanger.

Nine. Other
1. Before laying the decorative materials on the swimming pool, the embedded parts of the water inlet and outlet of the pool, pool lights, etc. should be installed in place, and then filled with water to test the pressure, and the structure of the swimming pool should not leak; Very difficult.
2. The pool lights are generally at 1/2 of the height of the pool wall; the quality of the pool lights should be reliable; it is only feasible to replace the pool lights with water.
3. There are many pipes along the outer wall of the swimming pool. After decoration, they are generally located in the lower ceiling. When designing, you should consider leaving maintenance channels and a certain space height in the ceiling.
4. The overflow pipe of the balanced water tank should not be connected to the backwash discharge pipe.
5. The coagulant should be added to the suction pipe of the pump.
6. The cooperation of overflow port and pipeline should be reasonable; otherwise, there will be squeaking noise when overflowing.
7. The deep water end of the swimming pool is arranged near the machine room.

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